A Wild Journey...

An entrepreneur in motorcycles, writing, web development and being an outspoken voice where it was needed, I always seemed to be at the cutting edge of some discourse in life. In 1989 I had two national magazines, PhotoSource and Canadian Photographer. In the 90's I was a licensed investment broker while learning the early stages of computer programming. In 2000, I entered the newspaper software industry and developed a digital print system for newspapers and magazines and worked with other companies in newspaper software promotion.  Later I  expanded my computer skills with my own web development company, started drag racing again, distributing/selling motorcycle performance equipment and brought out another magazine. It has been a wild journey... and continues.
I have the most loving family to thank for their abundance of help, support and devotion, that made this entirely possible.

CPS Media

CPS Media provides award winning web design, web development, creative writing, ecommerce, cloud publishing and video presentations. CPS Media is the home of Web Developer news and information emag providing digital technologies for business in the form of news and how to articles for growing business.  This includes Web Office, moving entire offices to Amazon cloud, SEO technology, Google Analytics and Backlinking to grow your business presence and market share.

HardTalk News

HardTalk News provides online news coverage for FreedomX, Etcetera, Web Developer and HardRider magazines. FreedomX reports on sweeping changes of over regulation, loss of freedom and corruption. Etcetera is a muse of things. A collection of thoughts and ideas from a wide range of subjects. Web Developer provides helpful tools and digital technologies for business. HardRider on motorcycle performance.

HardRider Motorcycle

HardRider Motorcycle provides performance information, news and products visavis our magazine, blog, podcast and website. We also sell nitrous, supercharger and turbo kits along with our growing merch and parts eStore.


MediaHead provides software development, programming, PHP scripts, CSS editing, MySQL, HTML, Java as tools for web development and software to deliver time saving technology needs.


HardTalk News depends on readers like you to keep sharing news and indepth analysis big tech and big media prefer to hide from us. Your "Subscription" to HardTalk News can be a Free or Paid. Much of the information is available on our Free Subscription, but the "How To Articles" in our Web Developer section are only available to paid subscribers. Join us now, and get your email delivery and internet access. All we require is your email address below. Paid subscribers also receive up to 50% off discounts in web design, development and video presentations. Signs also get random giveaways, so signup now.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
- Lao Tzu
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Winston Churchill
This above all: to thine own self be true.
- William Shakespeare

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